Metacognition in Psychosis

Research has shown that metacognition tends to be lower than average in individuals currently experiencing psychosis, and this is associated with recovery and general functioning. In clinical fields metacognition tends to refer to ‘insight’ into illness, but can refer more broadly to self-awareness and objective appraisal of task performance.

My research looks to develop a model of metacognition for individuals experiencing psychosis, that includes insight, but goes beyond clinical definitions. The aim is to better understand how metacognition is related to both developing and recovering from psychosis, and how this information can be used to develop interventions to support recovery.

You can find and follow updates about this research, and read existing publications on Research Gate.

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Metacognition and Predictive Processing – International Consortium on Hallucination Research Working Group


Metacognition in Psychosis and Health


PhD Thesis

Metacognition and Insight in health, psychosis and dementia: relationship with mood and neurocognition