Metacognition and Predictive Processing Working Group

Together with Dr Abigail Wright, I lead an ‘International Consortium on Hallucination Research‘ Working Group about Metacognition and Predictive Processing.

The purpose of this working group is to develop a protocol and collect pilot data to study the influence or relevance of metacognitive processes and predictive processing to hallucinations. Results will be used to test current theories of hierarchical metacognitive influences, and the effect of priors on predictive processing in these contexts.

Research questions

• How is metacognition associated with hallucinatory experiences, within-the-moment, in a large clinical sample?

• Do in-the-moment metacognitive judgements change with (experimentally manipulated) levels of objective performance on a cognitive task, and does this alter associations between metacognition and hallucinatory experiences?

• For future research: Can we use this knowledge to develop or alter current cognitive or metacognitive intervention to improve psychotic symptoms?


The Working Group also consists of:

Abigail Wright – Harvard Medical School

Matteo Cella – King’s College London

Jamie Moffatt – University of Sussex

Julien Laloyaux – University of Bergen

Marcella Montagnese – King’s College London

Viktor Dlugunovych – Walden University


External Collaborators are:

Til Wykes – King’s College London

Kathy Greenwood– University of Sussex

Geoff Davies – University of Sussex