With the support of the University of Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival and the School for Primary (SPCR), I led a Knit a Neuron event in September 2017.

Knit a Neuron


Curiosity Carnival is Oxford’s contribution to European Researchers Night (held Friday 29 September 2017) , and showcases their research to a large and diverse audience using activities such as live experiments, debates, short talks and other exciting activities.

 ‘Knit a Neuron’ was the brain child of Dr Anne Cooke from the University of Bristol as ‘a collaborative, knitting, art project’. Since its inception in 2010, events have spread throughout the UK and beyond, as a fun and creative way to engage the public with science.

Researchers from across the University of Oxford came along to help knit neurons and talk science. Everything from basic neuroscience to treating mental health patients in primary care.

 With thanks to Ian Wallman (photos below) and Liz Tunbridge (header photo).