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British Psychological Society ‘Wessex Psychologist Bulletin’ Editor.

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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin, Special Issue 17, Spring 2020

I curated and edited two case study publications for the School for Primary Care Research as their Patient and Public Involvement Officer:

– School for Primary Care Research: Public Involvement Case Studies. NIHR School for Primary Care Research, © SPCR, April 2018

– School for Primary Care Research: Public Engagement Case Studies. NIHR School for Primary Care Research, © SPCR, April 2018

Other Published Work

– Public involvement in research – just good science. The Psychologist, June 2018, Vol.31 (pp.46-47). Read it here.

– The Yarnfulness Project. UK Handmade Magazine Spring 2018. pp26-29. Read it here.

– “Beate Hermelin: A late bloomer”. In: More Passion for Science: Journeys into the Unknown (2015) Emma Palmer-Cooper & Rhianna Goozee. Read it here 

– The Looking Glass – Student Magazine. Read it here

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