The Yarnfulness Project is a collaboration between researchers from Oxford and Southampton, Fibre artists, and members of the public. The engagement portion of this project is supported by the University of Oxford’s ‘Public Engagement with Research Fund’ (PER).

The aim of the project is to engage the public in research design and piloting of a research project investigating potential benefits of creative activities in an objective, empirical manner.

Project Timeline

The project will run from January-June 2018.

Phase 1 involved visiting local craft community events to talk about the project, and invite members to attend a research engagement and craft ‘Yarnfulness Tea Party’.

YPTP - 5

Phase 2 will run online and face-to-face engagement events to develop the research idea and identify study contributors.

Phase 3 will engage lay contributors in the design of a study protocol. This study will aim to investigate the relationship between yarn-crafts and wellbeing. The exact research question and design will take into account all the discussions of Phases 1 and 2, as well as contributor input. The end of phase 3 will involve piloting the methodology with new volunteers.

Additional events will include a Public Knitting Circle at Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum ‘Pitt Fest’, and a Knit-In event with some of the Museum’s Community Members.